Special Cleaning Works

Windows wash

Windows wash covers washing glasses, windows frame and – sills cleaning. The temperature of the air should be over – 4 degrees Celsius for outer windows wash. The indicative thorough window cleaning should be 2- 4 times per year.

Washing PVC flooring and exchange

PVC floor coverings are visually identical but differ from each other in terms of composition. Maintenance of various coatings, deep wash and waxing is carried out according to the coating nature that provides cleanness and durability. Timely deep wash waxing, indicatively 2 – 4 times per year, accelerates daily cleanings and reduces the costs. Accordingly to client wants we have in our list mat -, semi-gloss – or shiny wax.

Parquet floor wash and oiling

Parquet floor is carried out with the solution of special floor soap and water. We recommend after instalment by fabric pre-oiled parquet immediately maintain with oil.

Deep wash and protecting of stone floors

If we clean floor tiles, concrete, and natural stones we consider on individualize of the floor covering. Accordingly to that we find special cleaning method for washing, maintenance, and protection. Regularly performed deep wash and protection, indicatively 2 – 4 times per year, ensures cleanliness and durability. Depending on the stone features we have in our choice different protection methods including waxing, crystallization, saturation, and dust prevention.

Shining floor coverings

It is possible to put shiny both untreated and already waxed floors. These works are performed with special maintenance chemicals and high-speed machine, named method makes surfaces much stronger and shinier.

Deep wash -, dry cleaning -, and dry wash of carpets

For carpets it is very important to choose the right cleaning method to remove accumulated dirt and not to blemish the material fibres the same time. It’s recommended that a carpet should be cleaned at least 2 times per year because it is very difficult to clean out dust mite and other dirt from the carpet. According to client want, we perform carpet cleaning on the spot or with transportation to Flamanta office.

Deep wash and protection of textile surfaces

It is very important to choose the right cleaning method and – detergents for all textiles, including like sofas, armchairs, etc. The chosen detergents and methods have to be suitable for the type of coating material. Right cleaning method removes dirt and ensures coating material purity and durability for a longer period of time.