Postconstruction cleaning

Postconstruction cleaning is work what has been made after construction, repair or restoration. Idea of that cleaning is to give “life” to surfaces. To remove all dust, dirt, paint and cement spots etc. To give best result and quality has work to be made with extra care. It is work that makes lot of time. Your working methods and tools has to be in good condition and quality. Working team has to know what to do. The best result comes if you work moving from top to bottom- from ceiling to the wall.

Did you know that Flamanta team use for example special oiled one-time ready to use special clothes that removes thick and fine dust. Flamanta team also removes all paint and cement that is removable.

! PS construction companyes, have you ever wanted to try to cover windows glasses with thin transparent film or floors with cardboard? It is common in North of Europe. This protect surfaces from damages and make also cleaning easier. It is very easy to damage window glasses during cleaning when you choose wrong method because of paint and cement in surface. Those protective system guarantee you that this never happen (at least with competent cleaning company). We also offer covering service to constructions- come and ask and we explain and show it to you. Be the first one in Spain to use it.