About us

Company Flamanta Korrashoiuteenus OÜ offers thorough cleaning and tiding services all over Estonia. Into our clients’ portfolio belongs more than 100 private – and business clients, among them Kalev Spa, Meriton Hotel, Ülemiste Ärimaja (Business House), as special cleaning works also Ülemiste Center, Pärnu Hospital, Theatre Estonia. In our works we have an eye to quality which is proved by quality level certificate of cleaning works EVS 914:2012 (INSTA 800).

During our more that 10 years operating we have sold and supplied cleaning products meant for professional cleaning. We have prepared cleaning plans and carried out different trainings. Well considered cleaning plan is significant for keeping clean house – or business surfaces, it encompasses right accessories, detergents, techniques, and frequency of cleaning. According to clients wish we offer product – and cleaners trainings.

We, Company Flamanta team, is an experienced and motivated staff, we do not base in our work merely on common cleaning practices but from client and work specifics. Thanks to excellent working conditions we don’t experience labor turnover.

As our aim is to offer high quality cleaning service, so we actively we deal with ourselves trainings. At the moment Flamanta acquires standards in quality management of ISO 9001, environment management of ISO 14001, and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001, all these standards assure systematic, environmentally friendly and safe operating of our company and team.